Prophesies About The 2013 General Elections in Kenya.

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Most recently a great number of Kenyan You tube viewers were shocked to find out that the death of one of the prominent Presidential aspirants Prof. George Saitoti had already been prophesied. Like most none believers, some were quick to wave it off as a shady scheme meant to gain publicity. However, some acknowledged God’s great power and that indeed his prophets were on this earth.

Now, recently there have been new claims of prophesies concerning the fast approaching General elections this year. The prophets in this case have had earlier successes in accurately describing situations that would happen in the near future of which came to pass. These prophets have indeed narrowed down to the name of Kenya’s next president and even the region he or she will come from.

These prophets are also prophesying some very discouraging news of upheavals, violence in some parts of the country though of a lesser magnitude than the 2007-2008 Post Election Violence (PEV). That gives me some sort of relief, but still I do pray that no violence will erupt.

The question however is, should we believe in this prophesies about our beloved country Kenya? Are we going to stand for it, while someone prophesies doom on our country?

I for one, lack the proper motivation to believe this prophesies. People are afraid at this time. They are afraid that the country will go up in smoke, and thus are likely to behave according to the Prophesy.

I do not wish to stain anybody’s reputation when I say that, the Prophesy is like a script and we, like the actors, will act out each scene perfectly. I call this the Actor’s Syndrome. I believe we all have a choice, and the choice am making today is to preach peace in this country.

As our Members of Parliament are in the August House agreeing on salary boosts for selfish gain, there never seems to be any cultural or tribal rifts. Yet here we are following them blindly fighting amongst ourselves because of our politicians.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself. We all deserve to be in a country where people co-exist in peace as KENYANS!!

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  1. The Venezuelan is allowed to dream.

    1. He sure is. We prophesy peace in this country for years to come.


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