Ways To Reduce The Rate of Unemployment in Kenya.

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It may seem like such a small issue in a country whose economy is growing exponentially strong, however, unemployment remains one of the greatest frictional forces that tend to stagnate this growth. The rate of unemployment grows every year every time fresh graduates are poured into the job market in hopes to attain employment.
Last year alone the rate of unemployment was at 40%. Over the years, since 1999, the rate of unemployment has risen steeply from 12.70% to last year’s 40%.

What are we doing wrong? What should we be doing different?

What the country is lacking is innovation. We are lacking in the entrepreneurial culture that necessitates most of the graduates to come up with new ideas that will boost economic growth in Kenya.
So how do we overcome this barrier?

Few fragments of the Kenyan youth have taken advantage of the online worldwide village, the internet, to create another level of income to substitute the basic salary they receive from their jobs. The internet has provided a market place for job creation, therefore overcoming challenges such as inaccessibility.
Some Kenyans have engaged in online Foreign Exchange (FOREX) and they are currently building a steady income from their homes. The only requirement is a laptop, reliable internet and knowledge about what FOREX trading involves.  Currently there is no law in Kenya that deems it as illegal. However, I might add that FOREX trading is not for everyone since it involves significant risk and one should not risk money that he or she is not willing to lose.

The Kenyan youth have also taken advantage of the large job market that entails Academic writing. This is one of the largest income streams on the internet today for most Kenyan youth. Others have gone a step forward and employed more of their fellow graduates to assist them in handling essays in bulk.

Therefore despite the notion that has always been around, that one should work hard to succeed, should realize that people are now succeeding because they work smart. The world is evolving and we are still left in the Stone Age era, where we do things the hard way instead of the smart and intelligent way. The reason we study is to gain knowledge. We gain knowledge in order to change our surroundings to suit our needs. CHANGE!! Nothing happens without change, and in this case we need POSITIVE change. Let us all work smart and exploit the large pool of resources we have starting with our MINDS!!
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